About GreenReach™

Fresh & Local, All Year Round

Savour unparalleled freshness. Cultivated locally, GreenReach™ will deliver year-round crops directly from our farm to your shelves or table, ensuring continuous local bounty for our community.


Why Choose GreenReach™

Hyper-Local: Our produce will only travel a few kilometres. It will be grown right in downtown Gananoque!

Consistent Supply: Weather challenges? Transportation disruption? Not for us! You will be able to enjoy our leafy greens, herbs, and strawberries throughout the year.

Sustainable: With hydroponic farming, we use less water, no pesticides, and reduce transportation emissions.

Nutrient-Rich: Our focus is leafy greens that form the foundation of many healthy meals. Plus, some of our produce will be harvested with “roots on,” extending shelf life.

Grown for you: Our farm will be growing year-round. We will be planting and harvesting weekly, providing a consistent supply of farm fresh produce. We will also rotate our crop varieties to complement other locally grown seasonal produce, adding a unique colour or flavour for special occasions and helping to add a little pizzazz to your menu planning.

Partnerships & Community

GreenReach™ believes in collaboration. We are excited about opportunities to partner with local restaurants, food specialty retailers, nutritionists, and wellness centers. Together, we’re growing food and nurturing a healthier, more connected community.

Join The GreenReach™ Movement

  • We’re more than a farm; we’re a movement towards a greener, healthier community.
  • Attend our farmer’s markets.
  • Participate in our workshops and tours.
  • Collaborate with us for a sustainable future.
  • Your support enhances local food security, promotes sustainability, and fosters economic growth.


Green Reach Farms