About GreenReach™

Fresh & Local, All Year Round

Savour unparalleled freshness. Cultivated locally, GreenReach™ will deliver year-round crops directly from our farm to your shelves or table, ensuring continuous local bounty for our community.


Why Choose GreenReach™

Hyper-Local: Our produce will only travel a few kilometres. It will be grown right in downtown Gananoque!

Consistent Supply: Weather challenges? Transportation disruption? Not for us! You will be able to enjoy our leafy greens, herbs, and strawberries throughout the year.

Sustainable: With hydroponic farming, we use less water, no pesticides, and reduce transportation emissions.

Nutrient-Rich: Our focus is leafy greens that form the foundation of many healthy meals. Plus, some of our produce will be harvested with “roots on,” extending shelf life.

Grown for you: Our farm will be growing year-round. We will be planting and harvesting weekly, providing a consistent supply of farm fresh produce. We will also rotate our crop varieties to complement other locally grown seasonal produce, adding a unique colour or flavour for special occasions and helping to add a little pizzazz to your menu planning.

Partnerships & Community

GreenReach™ believes in collaboration. We are excited about opportunities to partner with local restaurants, food specialty retailers, nutritionists, and wellness centers. Together, we’re growing food and nurturing a healthier, more connected community.

Join The GreenReach™ Movement

  • We’re more than a farm; we’re a movement towards a greener, healthier community.
  • Attend our farmer’s markets.
  • Participate in our workshops and tours.
  • Collaborate with us for a sustainable future.
  • Your support enhances local food security, promotes sustainability, and fosters economic growth.

The More You Know

Import Dependency: Ontario imports over 80% of its fresh fruits and vegetables despite having suitable agricultural conditions. This reliance on imports increases carbon emissions due to long transportation distances and can cause supply chain vulnerabilities.

  • Food Insecurity: Nearly 1 in 8 households in Ontario experiences food insecurity. Fresh produce is essential for a healthy diet, but high costs and limited availability exacerbate this issue.
  • Pesticide Use: Conventional farming in Ontario often relies heavily on pesticides, which can adversely affect human health and the environment.
  • Nutrient Loss: Due to long transportation times and improper storage conditions, fresh produce can lose up to 50% of its nutritional value from harvest to plate.
  • Health Concerns: Access to fresh produce is critical for preventing chronic diseases. Limited availability and high prices can lead to reduced consumption of fruits and vegetables, contributing to health-related issues.
  • Environmental Impact: Supporting local agriculture can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Switching to local produce can cut transportation-related emissions by up to 50%.
  • Average Food Miles: On average, food in North America travels between 2,500 and 4,000 km from farm to plate.

Experience the benefits of local, sustainable agriculture with GreenReach Farms. Together, we can create a healthier future.

How a Plant Grows: Soil vs. Hydroponics

In traditional soil farming, seeds planted in soil absorb water and grow roots that take up nutrients. Similarly, in hydroponics, seeds in a growing medium absorb water and start germinating. Soil provides nutrients through microorganisms, while hydroponics delivers nutrients directly through water. Both systems rely on the plant’s leaves capturing light for photosynthesis, converting it into energy. As the plant grows, it develops stems, leaves, and flowers or fruit. Whether in soil or hydroponics, the essential processes of germination, nutrient uptake, and growth are strikingly similar.

Traditional Farming vs. Indoor Hydroponics

Traditional farming in Ontario uses large amounts of water, often relies on pesticides, and results in produce that travels hundreds of kilometres, leading to nutrient loss and high carbon emissions. In contrast, indoor hydroponic farming at GreenReach Farms uses up to 90% less water, eliminates pesticides, and delivers fresh, locally grown produce with minimal food kilometres. This means healthier, more sustainable food for you and the planet. Choose GreenReach Farms for fresher, greener, and better produce.

Where to Find GreenReach Produce

GreenReach Farms’ fresh and sustainable produce will be available at our 9 King Street East, Gananoque farm soon. Additionally, our produce will be available at local farmers’ markets and served in local restaurants. Look for the GreenReach Fresh signs to enjoy our locally grown, pesticide-free vegetables.

Nothing Wasted

At GreenReach Farms, we are deeply committed to our local community. Our “Nothing Wasted” initiative ensures that surplus produce is donated to the local Food Bank, providing fresh, nutritious food to those in need. Additionally, we will support school programs by offering educational tours and resources to inspire the next generation about sustainable farming and healthy eating. Together, we strive to create a community where nothing is wasted, and everyone can access fresh, local produce.

Green Reach Farms