GreenReach Q & A

Q: Are you a farm? This is the most unusual farm I have ever seen.

A: Absolutely, and thank you for noticing! At GreenReach, we embody the essence of farming, which at its heart is about nurturing food to support families, friends, and communities. While traditional images of farms often include fields and dirt, our approach is slightly different but equally devoted to cultivation. 

Q: How can you grow without dirt?

A: Fantastic question! The key difference is between dirt and soil—where the former is just a medium, and the latter teems with life. We bypass traditional dirt, opting for a cleaner, more controlled environment. Our plants thrive in purified water enriched with essential nutrients and micronutrients, ensuring each fruit and vegetable is healthy, nutritious, and delicious. It’s a modern twist on farming, but the principles of growth and life remain the same.

Q: Do you offer certified organic fruits and vegetables?

A: Organic refers to sustainable soil management and earth care without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Our approach at GreenReach aligns with the spirit of organic farming—minus the soil. So, while we may not fit the conventional “organic” label, our commitment to healthy, sustainable farming is unwavering.

Q: Do you use pesticides or herbicides?

A: Our controlled environment eliminates the need for pesticides or herbicides. Maintaining pristine conditions naturally deters pests and weeds, making such chemicals unnecessary. It’s all about creating a balanced, clean ecosystem for our plants to flourish.

Q: What is safer, non-organic, organic, or hydroponic?

A: Safety in agriculture can vary, but at GreenReach, we pride ourselves on our hydroponic methods that minimize risks. Free from common pests and devoid of harsh chemical treatments, our produce is as safe as it is delicious. We believe in harmony with nature, which means keeping our greens happy and healthy without compromising safety.

Q: Do hydroponic fruits and vegetables taste better than field-grown vegetables?

A: Taste is subjective, and every farmer has their pride. However, hydroponics allows us to focus intensely on flavour, texture, and nutrition without the constraints of local soil and climate. This means we can offer unique varieties that might not be feasible elsewhere, earning high marks from local food enthusiasts for our exceptional selection.

Q: Do you grow seasonal vegetables?

A: Yes, we do! While our technology allows us to grow a wide range of crops year-round, we also celebrate local seasons and produce. Our ability to rotate crops frequently means we can offer something unique and new throughout the year, whether it’s for seasonal enjoyment, special occasions, or just for the fun of experimentation. We love exploring and sharing the possibilities of hydroponic farming with our community.

Q: Is farming indoors environmentally friendly?

A: Indoor farming gets a robust green thumbs-up for environmental friendliness! It champions sustainability by using significantly less water, eliminating the need for soil, reducing land use, and minimizing chemical inputs. This method is not only efficient and clean but also deeply respects our planet’s resources. Additionally, situating farms closer to consumers slashes food miles, delivering fresher produce right to your table with a smaller carbon footprint. Ideal for those looking to eat greener and cleaner!