What if?

25 Mar, 2024

What if?

Welcome to the “What If?” Extravaganza! An event our family has been champions of, quite unwittingly, since we can remember. What if we struck gold? What if you could hear everyone’s thoughts? What if we could have a true and positive impact on our community? This seemingly simple query is not just our favourite pastime; it’s the very spark that set GreenReach Farms ablaze.

Long before GreenReach was a twinkle in our eye, we were knee-deep in analysing how inflation was steadily dining out on the average Canadian’s paycheck. It was a deep dive into the cause and effect in economics; it was genuinely riveting stuff. We followed how California’s climate was affecting the lettuce industry and its impact on supply chains. We see the cost of importing fresh goods soaring, hitting every Canadian household where it really hurts – the produce aisle. 

What if we, the friendly faces of the North, could untangle ourselves from the constraints of importing fresh produce? What if our gardens could flourish all year round? What if our food could be grown much closer to home, eliminating the need for extensive travel? With these questions in mind, we plunged into year-round farming. Once we were confident that Canada could indeed host a four-season farming revolution, we were struck by another thought: what if our farm was just around the corner from your dinner table? Thus, we ventured into urban hydroponic farming – a crucial part of the future of Canadian agriculture. 

As we began sharing our vision of farm-to-table freshness with grocers, chefs, and anyone who’d give us the time of day, we realized the “what if” game was far from over. What if we could transform into the culinary magicians of the fruit and vegetable world, growing exotic produce that would stand out compared to what you find at a big grocery store? Spoiler: tackling this question has been nothing short of exhilarating, and we’re thrilled to bring our discoveries to the local market.

GreenReach aims to do more than just supply local strawberries, greens, and herbs on a regular schedule. We’re here to add a dash of enchantment, cultivating vivid and flavorful alternatives to the usual “supermarket greens.” Now, when we talk about our farm in the community, we ask, “What if your kitchen was stocked with fun, tasty, healthy, and super local produce?” The response is overwhelmingly positive and we are always met with sincere excitement. We can’t wait to turn the “What If?” into “What is.”